Oh, how time flies. It felt like I’d only been in Japan for a week or so. I headed off for the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Park around 9:30am, then went to the museum. I didn’t find it as “moving” as Hiroshima’s exhibit. There were more “artifacts” here, but not as many displays relating to the people affected. There were some very interesting video presentations at the end (the first had approximately 40 different bomb-survivors telling their stories), and the second was an excellent video presentation about the evolution of the Atomic Bomb, and A-bomb testing. Went to the Glover Gardens (which is the location where the play “Madam Butterfly” is based on). Toured around the various buildings in the gardens, and watched the numerous (and large) carp in the ponds (note: These carp follow people! I’m not making this up! If you walk around the side of the pond, the carp follow you under the water!). Had McDonald’s for lunch today – it’s cheap, tastes the same as North America, and is reasonably easy to find in Japan.