Decided to grab the train to Tokyo (45 minutes and 350 yen), for an extra day of Tokyo sightseeing – namely the stuff I missed the first time I was in Tokyo when I was really panicked. First off, went on the NHK studio tour. I have to say that I was not very impressed by this. It is conducted exactly like a tour in an amusement park (which I suppose I should’ve expected). In essence, you are toured through a “mock” TV studio, with “actors”, who are “pretending” to be television personnel, doing something for real. Anything that’s really real is behind 2 feet of soundproof glass. I didn’t think very much of this tour, as you can probably gather. The 3-D TV was pretty nice, and the HDTV stuff looked great, but I don’t know if I’d recommend this tour to anyone else. I wanted something with a little more content in it, but perhaps that’s just because I’m in the business.

After the tour, I went to Shakey’s for lunch. I haven’t eaten Shakey’s pizza since I was around 12 years old, living in PG. The pizza was quite interesting – thin, with scanty toppings, but offered some interesting combinations (such as corn, tuna, etc.) Lots of pasta as well. For 600 yen, this all-you-can-eat combo was the best deal I found! After lunch I headed for Shibuya, then looked around all afternoon in Akihabara (planning my battle strategy for the next day).

Clear and Present Danger was on TV (in Japanese), but I was so tired from roaming around the city all day, that I decided to skip it, and went to sleep.