“I’m going to Disneyland”, or rather, went to Disneyland. Cost me 550 yen to get there, and around 5,100 for an all day / all ride pass. Made a beeline for Star Tours, and hit every ride that I was too young for the time I was in California Disneyland before. Tokyo Disneyland is an almost perfect clone of the Californian Disneyland. Luckily I went on a Monday, so it was busy, but not packed. It could’ve been a lot worse. One little girl was crying at the end of Pirates of the Caribbean, and a little boy started crying after Star Tours, but everyone else seemed to have a good time. Started to rain just as I was leaving.

I wanted to arrive at Narita around 11am on Tuesday for my 1:30pm flight. No sense being late. I had a 4 hour layover at each destination, so there was no reason to try and cut the first one close.