Pretty cold this morning. The heater ran out of kerosene just before the room warmed up, and I couldn’t locate any more. It was a little uncomfortable. I had to wait 2 hours for a bus to the train station, but finally got there and made Japan Rail’s reservation agents’ lives really complex by requesting a whole lot of train reservations. I currently had around 40,000 yen to my name, so I figured I was in pretty good shape (I was hoping to make it back to Yokohama without having to take any more money out).

I got to Kanazawa OK, and took Nami and Satako’s advice and did a bit of sightseeing before my bus left for Togi. Didn’t have too much time, so I headed for the Kenrokuen gardens. Quite beautiful. I have some pictures of the gardens, which looked quite nice. A few cherry blossoms out at the time (which was strange, because it was so cold). Headed back to the station, and took the bus to Togi (around an hour and a half). Kevin picked me up, and gave me the driving tour of Togi, including one very nice point near the ocean, a large cliff, which he said was the site of many famous suicides (artists and such – typical). We headed back to town, and grabbed dinner, then went to Kevin’s Drum-teacher’shouse to visit a real Japanese family for a bit (this was Kevin’s idea, one which I really enjoyed). I chatted with Kevin’s sensei for a while (with Kevin’s help – his Japanese is better than mine), while the sensei’s kids (a young boy and girl), ran around being hyperactive brats. It was pretty cute though. I’ve never seen a tantrum like the little girl put up when she was put in bed and told to go to sleep.