Nijo Castle

Time really seems to fly when you’re having fun, and since time was just flying, I guess that meant I was having fun! The plan for today was to visit the Nishi Honganji temple, and Nijo-jo Castle. My first stop was the travel information center, who pointed me in the direction of a PLUS-ATM from which I could grab some cash. It is said that you walk a little taller with money in your pocket, and I must agree. I visited both of the sights on my list, and they were both very nice. I especially enjoyed Nijojo Castle, as everyone was permitted to walk through the hallways of the palace, rather than having to stay outside. Headed back to Utano for dinner, where I met a nice, young English couple who were on vacation, and sat around and swapped stories for some time (chatted about various problems with the Royal Family in England, tabloid magazines, etc.).

After dinner, I hung around to watch TV. Enjoyed a really interesting program called “Narohodoo – The World” (translates to “Really – The World). The theme of the show is to send Japanese reporters (usually cute women) out to the far edges of the world (deep jungles, etc.), and have a camera-crew record their experiences. A good mix of humor, and touching people-stories. I would really like to see more of this program.